July 2014
Currently Craving: J.Crew Fine Jewelry Collaborations | Everyday with Sarah

J.Crew Fine Jewelry Collaborations J.Crew recently launched all of their fine jewelry collaborations – and they certainly did not disappoint. I’m not sure which piece is my favorite, although I’m always partial for a little

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July 30, 2014

Metallic + Nude

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Metallic + Nude | Everyday with Sarah

A trend I’ve been noticing a lot of lately is metallics mixed with nudes. Whether it is your clothing, shoes, or other accessories, it is an easy way to look good in summer and transition

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Swimsuit Cover-Ups

Summer isn’t quite over yet and if you haven’t bought your perfect cover-up, you’re in the same boat as me. I’ll be heading to Charleston in September and am currently seeking a new swimsuit cover-up

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July 25, 2014

Weekly Finds

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Weekly Finds | Everyday with Sarah

An adorable pom pom tote DIY. My newest jewelry obsession: Loren Hope. What I Instagrammed Vs. What Was Really Happening. So True. Love this DIY thumbtack ampersand. Zucchini Pizza Boats. Yum!

Summertime Looks: Round-Up | Everyday with Sarah

I can’t believe how fast summer is flying by. I’m not quite ready for it to end quite yet – perhaps I’ll be carrying some of the no-layers, neon, and bold patterns into the fall.

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