Over the weekend I organized our kitchen. It wasn’t too terrible to begin with, but I was sick of holding on to those random items we haven’t used in over a year. And after moving from one rental to another, I finally got tired of the “rental” kitchen with zero counter space. Goodbye canisters. Goodbye ugly hand towels. Goodbye useless utensils.

And it felt good. But after clearing out a few things, we needed some replacements – something that was an upgrade to make our renter kitchen feel more like our own. Here are 8 kitchen essentials I’m loving right now.

P.S. I found some new Turkish hand towels at TJMaxx – what a steal!

8 Essentials to Update Your Kitchen | Everyday with Sarah

  1. World Market Cutting Boards (Rectangle + Round) $16
  2. Anthropologie Serving Set $38
  3. Zara Home Fruit Bowl $49
  4. Sur La Table Measuring Spoons + Measuring Cups $10+
  5. The Little Market Hand Towel $30
  6. Williams-Sonoma Utensil Holder $49
  7. Unison Shakers $70
  8. Crate & Barrel Paper Towel Holder $19