There are many reasons I keep up-to-date on Instagram, although mainly to keep track of my own life through pictures and follow people who inspire me. Whether those people are bloggers, entrepreneurs, or artists – they all share inspiring photos as an inside to their life. As a creative and aspiring artist myself, I follow countless others that never fail to disappoint. I decided to share 10 artists you should follow on Instagram, including painters and fiber artists.

1. Emily Jeffords, Oil Painter (@emily_jeffords)
Emily Jeffords is one of my longtime favorite painters. Not only does she share snippets of her wonderful art, but also great insights to her studio and life.
2. Kate Gordes, of Scout Gathers (@scoutgathers)
I just recently discovered Scout Gathers and wow, her macrame creations are good. I love the simplicity of the photos and I want everything she creates.
3. Jenny Kiker, of Living Pattern (@livingpattern)
I’m a sucker for plants, greenery and art, so Living Pattern has combined those to create beautiful botanical art. I just need a large sunroom to house her artwork.
4. Katherine Jury, Artist (@katefjury)
Katherine Jury is another longtime favorite of mine. Her works are bold, bright and abstract – definitely something I can see fitting into my house.

10 Artists to Follow on Instagram | Everyday with Sarah

5. Anna and Julie, of Gem and Elli (@gem.and.elli)
I’ve always loved wall hangings and weavings, so it’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of Gem and Elli. These weavings are whimsical and feminine. I also love seeing the behind the scenes photos of how the weavings are made.
6. Katie Jobling, Painter (@katiejoblingart)
I’ve been on the search for the perfect oceanscape painting for the longest time – and finally, Katie Jobling’s are perfect. She shares her artwork regularly and great behind-the-scenes studio photos too.
7. Bianca Bello, of Wild Humm (@_wildhumm)
I love a good abstract watercolor. Wild Humm shares her unique bold paintings through snapshots, and no one is the same. I can always count on her to brighten up my feed.
8. Marie Matter, of Wool and Weave (@woolandweave)
Wool and Weave is another wonderful account to follow, full of bold weavings and lifestyle shots. I love the amount of detail and texture put into each piece.
9. Hillary Butler, Abstract Artist (@hillarybutlerfineart)
Hillary Butler will brighten up your feed with her bold abstract paintings. Her brushwork is unique and I love her color choices. She also shares great behind the scenes and lifestyle snapshots.
10. Fanny Zedenius, of Createaholic (@createaholic)
I love a good macrame wall hanging and Createaholic’s are gooood. Always full of detail and oversized, they are beautiful. Her feed is full of light-filled, cozy photos.

Do you follow any artists on Instagram that you’d recommend? Share below, I’d love to hear!