I’m officially in my third trimester now, and cannot believe how fast time is flying by (less than 12 weeks left!). A few months ago I shared my must-haves for the first trimester, so I thought I’d share 10 more items I’ve been loving the last 3 months. Do you have any must-haves that you’d recommend? I’ve been living in a single pair of jeans and tee shirts on a daily basis and this belly butter is still my favorite!

1. Target Maternity Tees

I’ve been pretty much wearing these maternity tees from Target on a daily basis. Since I’m still carrying small, I prefer to wear fitted clothing that is a bit more flattering. I have several different colors of these tees and highly recommend them! P.S. If you missed my spring capsule wardrobe, check it out here.

2. Contigo Water Bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated throughout pregnancy and hydration is something I’ve always struggled with. I have several of these water bottles and always have one by my side. It may sound silly, but I’m more likely to use a cute water bottle.

3. Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman

I’ve been reading a bunch of books since the beginning of my pregnancy. Currently I’m focusing on childbirth books, but this one is a great read too! The author gives lots of insight into French parenting and tips and tricks along the way.

4. Burt’s Bees Belly Butter

After trying numerous types of belly balms, lotions, and oils, this belly butter by Burt’s Bees is still the best. I apply it twice daily (a heavy coat) and it lasts all day and night without feeling greasy or heavy. I feel moisturized and not itchy at all. Fingers crossed it’ll help prevent any stretch marks, only time will tell.

5. Snoogle

I’ve been using this body pillow since about month 2 or 3 and it continues to help with my back and hip pain. At this point I’m pretty tired of sleeping with it on my side, but it’ll have to do since it isn’t recommended to sleep on your back. My insomnia has gotten bad, not due to back/hip pain or discomfort, but just because my mind is always going a thousand miles an hour. Too bad this pillow doesn’t help with that!

6. Old Navy Maternity Jeans

I was lucky enough to not need a pair of maternity jeans until I was about 5-6 months along. And really, I can still wear my normal jeans unbuttoned/unzipped, but they are just incredibly uncomfortable. I’ve had a hard time finding a pair of maternity jeans that fit great and are budget-friendly. I found these at Old Navy with a full panel and they are SO comfortable. The panel helps support my belly and reduces back pain, and plus they have real pockets – so they look like normal jeans! For the support, I’d recommend going with a full panel rather than the side panels. I’ve found that the fit is a bit better as well (side panels seem to always be baggy).

7. Heating Pad

Occasionally I end up with extreme lower back pain in the evenings, particularly after a long day on my feet. I’ve found that staying active (at least 30 minutes of walking per day) helps with the pain, in addition to supportive pants/belts. When the pain gets to be too much I grab my heating pad to use for 15 minutes on/off (on low)- it helps!

8. Honest Co. Body Lotion (fragrance-free)

Since becoming pregnant my skin has never been so dry. Head to toe, I’m constantly needing to moisturize. Most lotions have scents and I haven’t been able to handle many smells, so this Honest Co. lotion is fragrance-free and perfect! I use it in the mornings directly after my shower and it keeps my skin moisturized all day long. It has been a lifesaver!

9. Julep Top and Base Coats

Nail polish can be one of the most chemical-filled products we put on our bodies. I’ve already been switching my beauty routine to include more natural products, but nail polish hasn’t been on the top of my list. I’ve always been a fan of Julep and Essie brands, but now I’ve fully switched to Julep or Zoya – they have less chemicals than Essie. Finding new polishes that are at least 5-free hasn’t been difficult, but finding top and base coats that LAST has been a struggle. Zoya’s top and base coats are healthier, but don’t last more than a few days. My solution has been these from Julep, I get a solid week without chipping!

10. Target Crossover-Panel Leggings

Staying active is extremely important throughout pregnancy, I’m finally to the point where I can no longer wear my old workout leggings without cutting off my circulation. These active leggings at Target have been incredibly comfortable and fit great! I love the full panel for support with the crossover back. Plus, they aren’t see-through like many other leggings.