There are thousands of baby products out there and it can be quickly overwhelming. You think you need everything or you won’t survive the first few tough months. I’m 8 months in, and have learned so much about what we do or do not need. So when The Baby Cubby reached out to me to collaborate, I knew I had to say yes. Their website if full of great baby products, including the traditional necessities, but also items you may not consider such as leather mats, moccasins, and pretty muslin linens.

Before Eleanor was born, we decided to forgo a baby registry and shower. We knew it wasn’t for us. However, its safe to say the majority of new parents decide to keep with tradition and have a shower and registry. But what items do you add? I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite items that I’d add to my registry if I had to do it over again and why.

Take a look below and let me know what you think. What are your baby must-haves?

12 Baby Registry Must-Haves | Everyday with Sarah

1. Little Unicorn Burp Cloths
These burp cloths by Little Unicorn come in beautiful prints for both boys and girls. I wish we invested in pretty burp cloths. Instead, I bought plain cotton cloth diapers to use. They look terrible and almost always look dirty. These mulsin cloths are such a better idea!

2. Tubby Todd Bath Products
I’ve tried a few samples of Tubby Todd products in the past and they are so different than other baby bath products – made by a small company, natural, and have wonderful scents! As soon as I finish my stash of various gifted products, these are the next ones I’m purchasing. You can try them all in a convenient bundle, or purchase them individually here.

3. Freshly Picked Moccasins
Let’s be honest, we all want our baby to wear cute leather moccasins. There is an endless supply online available for purchase. However, on your registry, why don’t you add your favorites? These are by Freshly Picked and made with the best quality and softest leather.

4. Ubbi Diaper Pail
I have this diaper pail and can not recommend it enough. It truly does keep the smell in (no leaks!) – as it is made of metal instead of plastic. Plus, you can use regular trash bags instead of needing to purchase special brand name bags. This is a must.

5. NoseFrida
Babies are messy and easily congested – in comes the NoseFrida. This device is easy to use and works about a thousand times better than the traditional bulb syringes. We use this every night after bath time and it works like a charm.

6. Gathre Leather Mats
These beautifully-made leather multi-use mats are perfect. They come in a variety of sizes for different uses and can be used indoors or outdoors, and are waterproof. I just ordered the micro size mat for a changing mat and cannot wait for it to arrive. I wish I didn’t wait this long to order it!

7. Chicco Keyfit 30 Carseat
A carseat is a must-have and a great item to add to your registry. We started with this one and love the black color and safety ratings. Don’t be afraid to add an expensive item to your registry, especially one so important as a carseat.

8. Little Unicorn Cotton Quilt
Let’s face it, once you have a baby, you’ll end up with quite the blanket collection. We have a closet full, but love them all. These cotton muslin quilts are beautiful and breathable – a great gift to add to your registry.

9. Sakara Bloom Sling
Ring slings are lifesavers. I own 3 different slings and love them all. I’m not sure how moms get anything done without them – they are a comfortable, an easy way for you to hold your baby close, while being hands-free. It takes a little practice, but after a short time you’ll be a pro at babywearing.

10. Covered Goods Multi-Use Cover
I own a similar nursing cover, yet I don’t use mine for nursing. These covers are ideal to use as a highchair and shopping cart cover (to cover up all those germs). They are lightweight and take up barely any space in your bag. Plus, if they get dirty, just throw it into the laundry for a quick wash.

11. Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair
This highchair grows with your child, yet isn’t an eyesore in your kitchen like many others. It has a higher price tag, but is solid wood and great quality. If style is important to you (it is to me), then this chair is perfect.

12. Cotton Muslin Swaddles
As a newborn, you’ll go through swaddles like crazy. Some babies sleep best while swaddled, and some may not. Either way, you’ll need to keep that baby warm throughout the day and a cotton swaddle is lightweight to keep on hand at all time. You can use it as a nursing cover as well and these come in the prettiest prints.

What items did you add to your registry? I know there are many more must-haves, but I’d love to hear your favorites!

*Photo above via Our Nursery Reveal

*This post was written in collaboration with The Baby Cubby. All thoughts and opinions are my own.