It seems when you are pregnant, people think they can say anything to you. Complete and total strangers, friends, and family – they all say things that seem harmless but drive us ladies crazy. Whether it is advice, questions, personal birth and pregnancy stories (and nightmares), or little comments – there are some things that I am tired of hearing. I know I cannot be the only one, so I wanted to share with you!

What things bothered you during pregnancy? I’d love to know!

1. “What are you having?”

I’m having a BABY. Why does it matter what gender it is? And yes, we aren’t finding out the gender, so it’ll be a surprise. Yes, it may seem difficult to wait, but really it’s not. To us, it’s no big deal. In fact, I think it makes baby planning SO much easier and practical. Maybe some women don’t mind this question, but since the very beginning it has driven me crazy.

2. “Do you have names picked out?”

Yes, we do. However, I do not care about your opinion. Stop asking like it matters what you think. And since we don’t know the gender, we have several names picked out. I really don’t want to go through our list with you (a complete stranger).

3. “How are you decorating the nursery?”

Umm…why do you think a nursery has to be either blue or pink? Even if we knew the gender I still would make it neutral. It’s really not that difficult. Plus, I’m a firm believer that the nursery should be able to grow with the child (no themes) and should mesh well with the rest of your lifestyle and home decor. So, that’s what we did.

4. “Do you plan on breastfeeding?”

Well, obviously that is the goal for most women, isn’t it? But whether or not I chose to is, quite frankly, none of your business. I’ll feed my baby however I want and I do not need your judgement.

5. “How much weight have you gained?”

Seriously? I don’t really care if you are a stranger or not, this is not a question to ask – especially towards the end of pregnancy. All women gain weight throughout pregnancy, some more than others. Regardless, we all feel huge and prefer not to talk about it. I don’t care if you think it’s a “good” amount or not. Stop asking.

6. “Stop scratching!”

Ok, first of all, it is a myth that scratching causes stretch marks. There are several factors, with genetics being the primary cause. And yes, obviously I’ve been moisturizing my entire body to prevent them. But you know what? Sometimes I have an itch – and I’m going to scratch it! Don’t tell me I can’t scratch, I’ll do whatever I want.

7. “When are you due?”

This one hasn’t bothered me until the very end of pregnancy. I usually just say “June” but then some people just need to know the date. However, now at the end of pregnancy, I look (and feel) very ready. So strangers ask with a fear as if I’m going to go into labor right in front of them. I recently started saying “last week” and the terrified look in their eyes makes me laugh every time.

8. “Are you ready?”

Well, I’m due any day now, so I sure hope so. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. It’s not like this baby is coming out of nowhere – I’ve had 9 months to prepare!