Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! Here are a few of my favorite links from this week. I’ll be enjoying the long weekend and be back Tuesday with new content. TGIF!

  1. I’m IN LOVE with this kitchen. So good.
  2. Hibiscus & Rose Iced Tea – uhh, where has this been my whole life?
  3. Another summertime pasta recipe I’ll be trying ASAP. Looks so easy and delicious.
  4. I bet these homemade flatbread crackers are to die for. And they would be amazing with this hummus.
  5. The ideal temperature for your flat iron.

Google released a new logo this week. I love this explanation of it.

I just recently discovered this Kilims shop. So good.

I’m thinking about jumping on the hat trend. Maybe I can pull it off?

Our dog has an impressive collar and leash collection, and this DIY may be a new addition. So cute.

Just picked up this book – can’t wait to dive in.

I’m loving these DIY shelves, especially with the raw wood.

How brilliant (and simple) is this wood and copper paper towel holder? Obsessed.