I tend to try and save on many of my beauty products, and although they can’t all be easily found at the drugstore, a few can. I’ve rounded up several of my favorites that anyone can find at their local drugstore. Here are the 8 drugstore beauty buys I love and use on a regular basis.

P.S. I’ve switched many of my beauty products to more natural options. See my clean beauty favorites here and the 6 natural deodorants I put to the test here.

Do you have any favorite drugstore products? I’d love to hear your frequent buys, please share in the comments below!

8 Drugstore Beauty Buys I Love | Everyday with Sarah

Dove Dry Shampoo
I’ve tried quite a few dry shampoos and I keep coming back to this one. Dove has always been a favorite brand of mine and this dry shampoo adds just the right amount of texture to my hair without being overly sticky or thick. I have blonde hair so I don’t have to worry about the white tint it may add to my hair. Just a few sprays on the crown of my head and it soaks up any grease immediately.

Dove Flexible Hold Hairspray
Like dry shampoos, I’ve tried plenty of hairsprays as well. The key to hairspray is to find a flexible one. I used to use extra hold hair spray thinking that was the only way to keep my waves or curls, but it would always make my hair crunchy. This flexible hold hairspray lasts all day and keeps my style in place. This one also minimizes frizz, which is crucial in Georgia.

TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Sea Salt Spray
My hair is very sensitive to products. As in, any hair product (besides dry shampoo or hairspray) will make my hair greasy and heavy. I steer away from any type of styling product for this reason. However, sometimes I want my hair to air dry with a little bit of a texture or salty waves. This sea salt spray is the best I’ve tried, doesn’t weigh my hair down and gives me lasting texture through the day.

8 Drugstore Beauty Buys I Love | Everyday with Sarah

Simple Cleansing Micellar Water
I recently featured these three Simple products in my clean beauty favorites (here) and I don’t see them leaving my cabinet anytime soon. This micellar water is refreshing, cleansing and extremely gentle on my skin. I use this once daily (usually evenings) and moisturize immediately after.

Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash
Along with the micellar water, this facial wash is gentle on my skin. I use this in the mornings once daily and it produces lots of suds, which is something I love in a cleanser. There are several different Simple cleansers, but this moisturizing wash is my favorite. I tend to have very dry skin and battle with Rosacea, so this has been very helpful.

Simple Micellar Facial Wipes
Let’s be honest, we all have our lazy days. That’s when these wipes are convenient to have. I honestly do not use them very often, as I try to minimize my disposable products. However, these are great to have for traveling, lazy nights or freshening up throughout the day. They are soft and gentle, unlike some other wipes that feel like sandpaper.

8 Drugstore Beauty Buys I Love | Everyday with Sarah

Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer
I naturally have very fair skin that does not tan well (skin cancer also runs in the family). So, I’ve become very careful about limiting my sun exposure and wearing SPF daily. Towards the end of summer what little tan I’ve gotten from the past months starts to fade and my legs are very pale. This is my favorite tanning moisturizer and it works! I apply this at night and by morning (even after just one day) I see a huge difference. It used to have a strong fragrant smell, however, they’ve recently recreated the formula and the scent is much more tolerable now.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm
This Burt’s Bees lip balm has been my go-to for years. I’ve tried other brands and nothing works as well. This keeps me moisturized and heals any dry spots quickly. I use this throughout the day and keep tubes throughout the house and in my bags. Seriously, this is the best out there.

8 Drugstore Beauty Buys I Love | Everyday with Sarah