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I’ve been anxious to start a capsule wardrobe since the New Year, but haven’t be able to find the time to actually sit down and do it. In the Spring, I cleaned through and donated things around the entire house. Overall, it was 2-3 carloads of books, clothing, kitchenware, and pretty much a little of everything. It feels good to have a less cluttered house.

Then I read Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up“. Seriously, it changed my life. Since I read it, I’ve already recommended it to just about everyone I know. And of course, their response is like “seriously, a book about organizing?” and they laugh. No. One. Believes. Me.

For example, one chapter in the book focuses on your wardrobe. She tells you the secret to folding socks. Instead of having a drawer full of “potatoes” (you know what I’m talking about), take your socks and lay them flat, one on top of the other. Then, fold in half or thirds (depending on the length). Place vertically in your drawer and BAM. You have so much room. I obviously re-folded all our socks the minute I finished reading that chapter. Here’s a great example with visuals if you’re having trouble picturing it.

Her main theme throughout the book is joy. Hold something up and think, “Does this item bring you joy?” If not, toss it. This applies to everything throughout your life, though it really resonated with my wardrobe. I thought, why do I have all of these clothes and accessories if some of them don’t actually bring me joy? Sure, some things have sentimental value, but others I wore once or twice and forgot about it. Obviously those things I haven’t touched in a year can go.

I had this focus in mind and tackled my closet again. I ended up donating and selling more than 5 trash bags full. For me, that is A LOT. I took 2 passes at it to make sure I didn’t miss anything the first time and I plan on doing one more final sweep in the next few weeks.

I was never able to fit ALL my clothing in my closet. I always had an extra under-the-bed container for my off-season clothing. Now if feels pretty great seeing everything all in one place. Trust me, until you go through everything by starting a pile and sifting through it, you don’t actually know how much stuff we own. It’s kind of ridiculous.

In comes a capsule wardrobe. What is it and why am I starting one? Well, it is a set of 30-40 pieces including clothing and shoes that you mix and match throughout a season. Those select pieces are the only ones you can wear all season, until you create a new capsule wardrobe. Undergarments, loungewear and workout clothes are not included. Also, you are not allowed to make any additional purchases until the end of your capsule wardrobe season (that is the hard part). Typically, you have one per season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) or you can have one year-round wardrobe.

With a capsule wardrobe you can make it whatever you want it to be. Make it fit your lifestyle and have fun with it! The goal is to make your life easier and have more time to focus on the important things in life, rather than be overwhelmed by your wardrobe choices in the morning.

Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration | Everyday with Sarah

I’ve gathered up some capsule wardrobe inspiration that will be guiding me along the way. I’m hoping to start brainstorming now and have my first full capsule wardrobe starting with the Fall season.

Here are two examples of what a capsule wardrobe may actually look like:

Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration | Everyday with Sarah

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My capsule wardrobe inspiration: