Ok guys. I’ve just completed my first month of my fall capsule wardrobe. I have already learned a lot and I’m excited for what the next two months will bring. I’ve rounded up a few looks I wore on my Instagram – I kept telling myself I’d get nice photos taken with a real camera, but it just didn’t happen this month. I’m hoping for more blog features and updates as I get the hang of this.

What I’ve learned so far:

  1. September was H-O-T. Aka, I did not include enough hot-weather clothes in my round-up. A pair of shorts would have been nice (seriously). Because it was so hot, this month did not have a lot for variation in my outfits. I stuck to my cooler pieces so I wouldn’t melt outside.
  2. Out of my near-40 pieces, I’ve already found my top favorites. Like this bag. I wear it literally everyday, and that is a-ok with me.
  3. Lipstick has become my favorite accessory. When it’s hot outside, it’s not practical to throw on a scarf or loads of accessories. I’ve found that lipstick has been my go-to accessory more often than before. Different shades can totally change an outfit. I’m addicted to this kind.
  4. This has been a total life-changer. In a good way. I didn’t realize how many bad, spontaneous purchases I made until now.

Are you doing a capsule wardrobe for fall? If so, share with me in the comments below – I’d love to follow along with you! If you aren’t following my Instagram, you should be – as I’ll be posting more updates throughout the next two months.

Fall Capsule Wardrobe: September Update