This season I’m hoping to step a little outside the box when it comes to my fall wardrobe. Yes, the boots, layers, and sweaters are all staples that will be sticking around. But I’ve done some digging and it turns out that there are a few fall trends this year that I’ll gladly step out of my comfort zone for. Here are 8 things that you didn’t know you needed this fall.

  1. Fringe – Incorporate a little fringe into your fall wardrobe by adding a great bag in a fall hue. My picks: save, spend, splurge.
  2. Flats – Flats are a great year-round shoe, but this season it’s looking like you should put away those heels and swap them out for the classics. Not only are they easy, but your feet will thank you! My picks: save, spend, splurge.
  3. Oversized Belts – This is one trend that I’ve always had trouble with. I love the look, but not so much the corset-like lack of comfort. I’ll be trying it again this year, but maybe in a soft, buttery leather that screams comfort. My picks: save, spend, splurge.
  4. Fuzzy Sweaters – After seeing some fuzzy sweater inspiration, I’m convinced I need one of my own. I’m all about comfort, so anything soft and fuzzy is perfect. My picks: save, spend, splurge.
  5. The Poncho – Yes, one of my favorites. Throw on a poncho to stay warm this fall and look put together in a matter of seconds. My picks: save, spend, splurge.
  6. Updated Mules – Remember those mules that were chunky and hideous from years ago? Well, it’s time to revisit them. Ok, not the chunky ones – grab some new sleek heels to go with everything. My picks: save, spend, splurge.
  7. Boyfriend Plaid – Plaid is always around during the fall/winter seasons, especially in layers. This year grab an oversized plaid button-up to tie around your waist or underneath an oversized coat. My picks: save, spend, splurge.
  8. Statement Earrings – I’m not much of an earring girl, but I love the look of bold statement earrings (or ear cuff!). Although I’m allergic to most metals, I’ll be doing some digging for a statement earring that I can wear this season. My picks: save, spend, splurge.