10 Best Blackout Curtains 2020 Reviews

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Blessed are the people who have the best blackout curtains in their homes! Do you feel the same?

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Undoubtedly, blackout curtains are the must-have. Whether you want to get some extra sleep in the morning or want to soundproof your house or keep the sun out to reduce TV glare – blackout curtains do the job like a pro.

But as it goes, finding the best blackout curtains is not an easy task. This is why we are here to help you shortlist the best blackout curtains for bedroom and the best blackout curtains for nursery, as per your need.

10 Best Blackout Curtains

NICETOWN Bedroom Blackout Curtains Panels

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Made of 100 % polyester material, the NICETOWN bedroom blackout curtains are a versatile and elegant set of curtains that will match up to any kind of room decor.

They come in about 19 colors, thus offering you a wide range to choose from. The curtains also come in 4 variations in terms of the top design.

The grommet top is simple and can be easily installed. The rod pocket top gives a beautiful flowing look and lets you use your own choice of clip rings.

The rod pocket and back tab variation is even lovelier as you can set it up any way you want – pleated and shirred or with clip rings. The tab top is another design that makes it easy to set up with a curtain rod.

The curtain cloth is super heavy and thick and ensures efficient sunblock. The fabric choices are lovely as well. Curtains are available in triple weave blackout fabric, faux linen, and velvet.

Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

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These are the best blackout curtains that are made of 100% polyester. Home Fashion curtains are specifically designed to provide thermal insulation and protect your interiors from sunlight and heat. The curtains are quite dense measured at 240 GSM.

They are easy to maintain as they are machine washable and have no still liners. They come in about 28 color shades, mostly darker, to ensure better insulation against heat, cold and UV rays. They are also made using triple weave technology which makes the fabric dense yet light and easy to drape.

Home Fashion curtains are available in a wide range of size variations and two top designs, rod pocket, and back tab. A package of these curtains contains two panels and tie backs.

Deconovo Blackout Curtains

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Deconovo blackout curtains provide complete thermal insulation to your home. These classy blackout drapes are beautifully crafted grommet curtains, 42-inch in length and will suit your living room window panel perfectly.

The curtain has 6 silver grommets that are designed to be adaptable to most rod sizes available in the market. Each ring has an interior diameter of 1.6 inches and is about 2.4 inches wide in total.

The edges and hems are stitched tight and the curtains are made of high-quality triple weave construction. They are machine washable and can be warm ironed. Three size variations – 63, 84 and 95 inches are available.

Each package contains one panel and the darker the color you choose, the more efficient the curtain becomes at providing thermal insulation.

NICETOWN Blackout Curtain Panels for Girls Room

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These NICETOWN blackout curtain panels are specifically designed for adding a gleeful addition to a cool nursery or girl’s room. These window curtains come in shades like baby pink and lavender pink which can be the perfect complement to a themed interior.

These best blackouts curtains for nursery are woven with heavy multi-layered polyester micro fabric that insulates your room from heat, cold and external noises. It helps in reducing your energy spent on home heating. It is soft, soundproof and is fade resistant. Both sides of the curtain are of the same color.

It can even double up as a home theatre screen as it is wrinkle-free and thread-trimmed. Each package comprises of two panels of size 29×45.

NICETOWN Bedroom Full Blackout Curtain Panels0

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These NICETOWN bedroom curtains are super thick and offer 100% blackout protection. These are double layered and have a black liner for small windows. The curtains are packaged as a set of 2 pieces with the dimensions of 42 by 63 inches.

The curtains are available in a wide variety of colors to suit your needs. The 1.6-inch wide grommet tops provide a beautiful drapery look and can be easily slid into any window panel.

They are particularly suitable for the bedroom where a complete blackout is required. It is very well adaptable to other rooms like the kitchen, nursery, living room, and the hall.

The curtains are made of 100% polyester fabric and are machine washable with water set to the right temperature.

They have noise-reducing quality as well and come with a 30 days money back return policy.

AmazonBasics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains

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These best blackout curtains for bedroom from AmazonBasics are fit to size and provide an excellent blackout, thus helping you out in creating a good sleep environment.

They are made of 100% polyester and have no stiff liner thus providing a cascading and free-flowing look. They also come with tie backs.

These curtains are from the well-known Amazon brand are made to satisfy environmental and safety standards set by the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory certification system.

The curtains efficiently block out sunlight and keep the room insulated in all seasons.

Rose Home Fashion Curtains

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 Finding a blackout curtain in lighter shades can be difficult. But Rose Home Fashion curtains give you a 100 % blackout curtain in white color to make your rooms insulated and pretty.

 Each package of Rose Home curtains contains 2 panels of size 50×84.

These are grommet curtains that come with a thermal insulated liner. There are 8 silver grommets every 1.6-inch in diameter. They are made of polyester but gives off a primitive linen look. The curtains have an 8-year warranty on quality and provide an attractive 30 days money back return policy.

Utopia Bedding blackout curtains

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Utopia Bedding curtains boast of superior blackout and thermal insulation. These window curtains comes in a 2 panels per set package including two tie backs.

Their rich colors like navy blue and add a grand look to your interiors perfectly. These windows curtains assure noise reduction, complete blackout, and privacy.

Utopia bedding offers a wide range of curtain styles and fitting to suit all types of windows. They can also be easily matched up with your other interior fabrics like bedroom sheets and blankets.

These best blackout curtains for bedroom are super soft but dense and are made of 250 gsm polyester fabric material. The curtains come with 7 hooks and can be easily put up in any room with little effort. Each curtain is 52 cm wide and 84 cm long.

The color of the curtain retains its richness and dark shade on both sides ensuring proper blackout and insulation. They are easy to wash and iron.

Sun Zero Curtain Panel

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Easily block out any unwanted light in your room with these blackout curtains from the house of Sun Zero. Made up of 100% polyester, these curtains ensure privacy and reduce energy lost through your windows by up to 25%. The result – you get to enjoy sounder and uninterrupted sleep.

The curtains are also equipped with thermal insulation properties such that they will ward off the winter chill and summer heat out from your home. The drapes come along with built-in rod pockets which can easily fix rods that are up to 1.5” in diameter.

BGment Blackout Curtains

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Made of innovative triple-weaved microfiber blackout fabric, these light-blocking curtains are super soft, silky, smooth and lightweight, and this is what makes them the best blackout curtains for nursery. These curtains flaunt a grommet construction and consist of six silver metal grommets on top. The inner diameter of each grommet is 1.6 inch which facilitates easy hanging and sliding.

The curtains are capable of blocking 85% to 99% of sunlight and UV rays, depending on the color of the curtains that you choose to go for. This outstanding blocking quality of curtains proves to be an ideal fit if you sleep till late, and take afternoon naps.

So, these are the best blackout curtains that will fit your requirements perfectly well. Still confused, and have some questions in mind? Check out our buying guide below to feel confident about your choice!

Buying Guide on Best Blackout Curtains

  1. What makes an ideal blackout curtain?

An ideal blackout curtain is one that can blocks out 100% of the total light. But this is only one of the different varieties. Essentially, you could choose from the three kinds of blackout curtains – room darkening curtains (these block out about 90-95% of light), blackout curtains which are available mostly in the darker hues and the total blackout curtains that offer 100% protection.

  • What material suits the blackout curtains the best?

The best blackout curtains are made from one of two kinds of materials. The first is 100% textile fabric. This is woven with black yarn to bring in maximum impact. The second category consists of 3-pass coated fabric. Since the effectiveness of each curtain is highly dependent on the type of fabric used, it is highly recommended to have a look at the material of your curtains before making a purchase.

  • How can you clean the blackout curtains?

It is essential to choose a blackout curtain that can be cleaned regularly. This will help you in maintaining the overall hygiene of the place. In this regard, there are a few ways to clean the curtains. The first is a gentle wash in a low-temperature environment. However, the more effective and efficient method here would be a dry wash. This cleans the curtains effectively without damaging its quality. In addition to that, the curtains could also be ironed out at a suitable temperature.

  • How effective is a white blackout curtain?

White blackout curtains are decently effective to a certain extent. They can block out about 90-95% of the light. This is true even for an east-facing room. However, some specifically designed white blackout curtains are capable of blocking out 100% of the light as well. These are specially coated so that the orientation of the space becomes redundant.

  • How difficult is the installation of blackout curtains?

Contrary to popular belief, blackout curtains are not difficult to handle at all. It has the same kind of installation as a normal curtain. The idea is to be careful about the measurement. It is advisable to measure two inches beyond the length of the window so that the curtains are a full-proof solution. Also, you could incorporate the use of wraparound rods to ensure that maximum light is being blocked out.

  • How energy efficient is the blackout curtain?

Before you choose the best blackout curtain, it is imperative to know the energy efficiency offered by the product. Blackout curtains usually have an insulating effect on the room. Thus, you could choose a curtain that blocks out light and also acts as a thermal product.

The Next Steps

Blackout curtains are a necessity for your home. If you do not like their dull aesthetics, you can choose from a variety of colors, prints, and styles. We hope this article would have helped you in finding the best curtains. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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