Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans for Bedroom 2020: Reviews & Guide

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Looking for the best ceiling fans for the bedroom? You are in the right place!

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There’s no doubt that the feeling of unwinding yourself under a functional and superb ceiling fan is indeed very majestic. If you’re planning to get one for your bedroom, then it is important to ensure that you make the right choice.

Whether you’re getting a new ceiling fan or replacing your old one, we have you covered! Make sure to browse this list in its entirety and find the right ceiling fan for your needs and preferences.

List of Best Ceiling Fans for Bedroom

Minka-Aire Ceiling Fan

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This ceiling fan from Minka Aire has the required horsepower to cool down any large bedroom. The fan comes with a beautiful looking wooden design. The fan is powered by a powerful motor that is capable of reaching up to 6,580 cubic feet on a per-minute basis.

The blades of the fan are made from hard-pressed wood. Its beautiful design adds to the décor of your bedroom. The massive three blades are capable of moving a lot of air. The fan comes equipped with a user-friendly remote – which you can use to adjust the speed of the fan. The fan is energy-star rated and therefore the operation will be powerful yet efficient such that you won’t have to worry about the electricity bill.

Casa Vieja Ceiling Fan

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This fan is the right combination of stylish and modern-day design and an efficient working motor. The fan is capable of generating a massive level of airflow, all thanks to its five fan blades.

What’s more, the fan is energy-star rated, thus helping you save electricity every month. The blades of the fan flaunt a high-quality design and its silent yet powerful motor works smoothly while circulating the fresh air inside your bedroom. This way, the fan is highly effective in maintaining the room temperature in the best manner possible.

Keeping the price and the benefits that it provides into consideration, it is easy to deduce that this ceiling fan from the house of Casa Veija will be a long-term solution, thus putting an end to all your bedroom ceiling fan woes.

Hunter Builder Plus Ceiling Fan

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This is one of the best ceiling fans for bedroom. Moreover, the fan model is also one of the highest-rated and affordable ceiling fans that you can purchase. The fan comes from the house of Hunter Builder, a company well-known for its superior build quality and this product is no exception.

The blades of the fan have a length of almost 52 inches and there are four blades in each fan model. These blades provide you with cold and fantastic airflow. When it comes to lighting, you will be able to choose between three brilliant color shades.

The fan comes along with brilliant light fixtures too. You can change the lighting color according to your mood inside the bedroom. The company has furthermore incorporated its Whisper Wind Technology for very silent operation, even under load. You will have the option to run its motor at three intensity levels. You can also set it in reverse mode.

Hunter Deluxe Ceiling Fan

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When it comes to the Deluxe Ceiling Fan from Hunter, you will be amazed to see its elegant construction, concept, price, silent performance and a motor that comes with a lifetime warranty.

The stylish looks of the fan can easily light up your bedroom, in the best way possible. The LED at the center of the fan can be easily dimmed to the color that you may love or like. One of the greatest features of this fan is its beautiful light bowl.

It also incorporates the Whisper Wind Technology, which allows the fan to operate silently. In any case, if the motor fails, the lifetime warranty will come to save you. The fan will prove to be an ideal fit for bedrooms with area up to 400 square feet. The blades of the fan provide almost 5,110 cubic feet capacity of air-flow.

Emerson Ceiling Fan

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If you want a fan with a contemporary design, then this particular model from Emerson is what you need. The blades of the fan are 54 inches in size and have an oak-cum-steel finish. There is a lighting fixture in the middle of the fan with two 50-watt halogen bulbs fixed into it as well. The fan has four intensity levels with remote support.

The fan is not designed to be used outdoors, so it will be a perfect match for your indoor bedroom setup. The industrial and vintage look of the fan model will surely catch everyone’s eyes.

The fan package comes with all the required assembling instructions such that you don’t have to worry about any problems during installing, whatsoever. The fan blades will show no wobble even at its highest intensity level. No wonder, it’s one of the highest-rated ceiling fans on Amazon USA. 

Craftmade Ceiling Fan

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Out of all the fans listed, this is the most efficient out of all of them. The fan comes with three blades along with a four-speed intensity levels, which can be controlled by the included remote control. The motor used inside the fan operates silently, thus rotating the air in a continuous fashion so.

Installing the fan is easy and in order to maximize its overall lifetime usage, only indoor usage is recommended. The motor is not only powerful but also efficient in creating a massive CFM (Circulation Flow per Minute) of more than 7,500. The fan can be obtained in three different textures. In case you want a high-performing ceiling fan with great value for money, this should be your ultimate pick. One thing to keep in mind is that the motor powering up this fan doesn’t operate in the reverse direction mode. 

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan

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If you possess a smaller sized bedroom, then this ceiling fan should be your pick – without a margin of doubt. This fan is a perfect match for rooms having less than 100 square feet of space. The motor inside the fan is made from steel and can be used at either medium, high or even low speeds.

You can also reverse the airflow of the fan with the help of a dedicated switch. In this way, you can set the fan to rotate anticlockwise during summers and clockwise during winters. The fan is capable of providing more than 2,800 CFM (Circulation Flow per Minute) and uses a bulb rated at 53-watt at the center of the motor. You can easily use this fan either in low, medium or even high ceilings and still receive an adequate amount of airflow. In case you have high-ceiling, it’s better to use an extension rod to lower down the fan a little bit.

Honeywell Ceiling Fans

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If you are looking for a modern-day ceiling fan that will add value to your interiors, this fan from the house of Honeywell is what you need. Flaunting a warm rustic finish and Edison-style light bulbs, the fan is easy to use and install.

It comes with dynamic hanging capabilities such that it can be mounted with flush mount, standard mount, and angled-mount. The fan is powered up by a 3-speed reversible motor such that you can cool down your room during summers, and circulate the naturally rising warm air during the winters.

Perhaps, one of the best parts of this fan is its remote control which lets you control your fan on the go!

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

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Get this ceiling fan from the house of Harbor Breeze, and boost the air circulation in your room. Flaunting a coherent, and compact design that fits well both small and medium rooms alike, this top-selling ceiling fan is the ideal pick for your bedroom.

The 44-inch Mazon fan is the right amalgamation of modern style and performance. It comes along with a dimmable light kit along with an integrated 18-watt LED module. If your room has a low ceiling, this fan can be easily flush-mounted.

The fan also comes with remote control and is powered up by a 3-speed reversible motor! All in all, this fan is the right fit for your home keeping the budget and other factors in mind.

Portage Bay Ceiling Fan

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This is the right fan for the bedroom with low ceilings. Measuring 11.5 inches from ceiling to the bottom of light fixture, the fan consists of a dimmable bulb and 5 blades. The 52-inch blades of the fan flaunt a dual finish – matte black on side 1 and Siberian walnut on side 2.

Similar to most fans on this list, this fan is also powered up by a reversible motor that allows you to change the direction of the fan according to the season.

Best Ceiling Fans Buying Guide

The fan is an important home appliance such that we can’t think of spending a day without it, irrespective of the season and climate. During a summer, using a ceiling fan along with an air conditioner helps in circulating the cold air evenly in the room. On the other hand, in winters, a fan can recirculate the warm air in the room that rises naturally and get strapped at the ceiling.

But the question remains – how do you choose the right ceiling fan for your needs? We have got all the answers. Check out.

What controls does your ceiling fan provides?

As it goes, ceiling fans come with a range of controls. While most of the fans provide a capacitor-based control that allows users to adjust the fan speeds, there are other models that come with a pull chain or remote control. Some fans even adjust the fan speed in line with the room temperature.

What should be an ideal fan size?

Fans come with a number of blades ranging from three to five. Most traditional fans have four blades. There are mixed views regarding the efficiency of a fan and its blades. Some people believe that more blades move less air into the room as there is less space for them to grab air.

Irrespective of the fact whether the number of blades translates to better efficiency or not, the number of blades determine the cost to a large extent. Generally, the number of blades is directly proportional to the cost of the fan.

Blades also come in varying lengths starting from 30 inches and could go as high as 60 inches. It is believed that long blades are capable of moving more air than shorter ones.

What materials are ceiling fans made up of?

The blades of a ceiling fan are made up of a number of materials and finishes. The most common materials include solid wood, constant-density boars, cross-laminated veneer and so on.

Fans also come in various finishes – bleached oak, natural, walnut, rosewood, and so on.

How can I judge the quality of my ceiling fan?

The quality of a ceiling fan can be determined by a range of factors. Generally, the effectiveness of a fan is measured by its ability to move air, which is measured in cubic feet per minute (CPM).

Movement of air is another important factor which is determined by the number of blades, length and pitch, revolutions per minute, and the distance of fan from the ceiling.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the quality of the motor. Ideally, a motor should have sealed bearings which no need for lubrication. The reputation of the company and the warranty offered by it are other important factors.

The Next Steps

Even though the above list is not conclusive, because technology changes all the time and new products get released every day – it’s still the most precise list when it comes to buying the best ceiling fans for bedroom. We will highly recommend you to decide on the features, performance, quality and also the warranty (after-sales) support before you can make the final decision.

Ceiling fans are a great way to distribute airflow in your bedroom, even in this day and age when air conditioners have become the norm. These devices are designed to provide you natural circulation of air on an everyday basis with almost little to no maintenance.

Make the right choice, and we hope this list would have helped you! Do share your feedback with us in the comments below.

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