The 10 Best Cheap LED Flashlight 2020 Reviews

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There are a lot of technological devices nowadays that can replace what the best cheap flashlight and any other gadget can offer. For instance, a smartphone can replace your alarm clock, your planner, your iPod, your calendar, and your flashlight. Some smartphone devices come with apps that enable you to control the temperature of your air-condition or control the channels and volumes of your flat-screen TV. However, when you think about real emergencies, can you depend on one gadget? Wherever you go, one of the essential emergency items you should bring always is the flashlight. And the following features of some of the best and the reasons why you should own at least one.

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MOLAER Super Bright LED Tactical Waterproof Torch

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The MOLAER Super Bright LED Tactical Waterproof Torch is a rechargeable flashlight highly recommended for camping, hiking and as part of your emergency kit. It has 4 lighting modes such as the high, medium, strobe and SOS mode.  It includes a rechargeable 3200mAh battery that can be charged using any 5V 1A USB output wire connector, which makes it a reliable fast charging flashlight in the market today.

The portable MOLAER torch flashlight has standby lighting hours and high-quality brightness of up to 6 hours. It is safe to use as it flashes green warning light to remind you that you need to recharge it. Once the blinking light stops, it indicates that the flashlight is ready to use and store in your purse, bag or emergency kit since it is only 5 inches long and weighs 5 ounces. 

Whatever the weather conditions will be, you can always rely on the MOLAER torch flashlight as it is waterproof and easy to carry. The flashlight’s body is made from military-grade aluminum-alloy, which is resistant to rust, scratches, and abrasions. It also has an anti-slip knurling handle so you can easily hold the flashlight, especially during heavy rains.

GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000

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The GearLight LED tactical flashlight is one of the best outdoor, emergencies and everyday flashlights that can light up an entire room 10 times brighter than the typical incandescent bulbs. It can also be adjusted to focus on an object or specific areas even 1000 feet away with a clearer and brighter light. This compact tactical flashlight is made from a high-grade aluminum that is water-resistant and shock-proof. The flashlight is also suitable for use in situations where you will encounter rain or snow.

It’s robust built is comparable to military tactical flashlights since it is made for rough handling and in overcoming extreme weather conditions where flashlights are needed the most. Even if this LED tactical flashlight got submerged in water, or has been run over, it will still work as if nothing happened. It has 5 light mode settings and zoomable lenses that produce an ultra-bright wide-area beam to give you a better view when in dark places. It can light your path for hours with 3 triple-A batteries or with a single rechargeable battery.

Anker Bolder LC40 Rechargeable Flashlight

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If you are looking for a super bright flashlight that can illuminate any dark places in a wide range, the Anker Bolder LC40 rechargeable flashlight is the brand of flashlight you should look for. The brightness of the 400-Lumens from Cree LED is non-diminishing and it has an estimated lifespan of 50000-hours.

The luminous light of the Anker Bolder flashlight can last around 20 hours on medium settings. Its lighting capability heavily relies on its built-in 3350mAh rechargeable battery. Though the Anker Bolder produces such radiant light, You also have an option to charge the flashlight in 6 hours if you use a 5volts 1ampere adapter which is sold separately and the pre-included micro USB cable. If you want to adjust the brightness of the light, you can opt for the 5 light modes available in the flashlight such as high, medium, low, strobe and SOS mode.

Among the many flashlights available in the market, the Anker Bolder is considered as a heavy-duty portable flashlight as it can be used in any extreme weather conditions. Its body is made from durable aluminum that is known to be shock-resistant and has rough handling for a secured grip.

INFRAY Pen Light

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The INFRAY penlight has the latest technology among the many penlights available today. The source of the flashlight’s brightness is the 220 lumens CREE XPE 2 LED sweeps. This penlight offers a durable and reliable flashlight as it is made from IPX4 rainproof and MIL-SPEC body that is anti-abrasive, non-corrosive anodized aircraft aluminum with polycarbonate lenses that is scratch resistant.

With a length of 5.7 inches, it’s heavily used by mechanics, nurses, and doctors as an EDC flashlight that fits any pocket. Adventurers also use it because of its adjustable beams from full range to narrow. It has 3 adaptable settings in which the penlight can be used in high lighting mode for 7 hours while in low settings the penlight can provide you lighting for 14 hours.

What makes this penlight one of a kind is that its radiance can extend over the length of a 2.5 basketball field. This means that the penlight, despite its small size, can illuminate a spacious area without compromising the quality of light. It’s easy to bring along with you anywhere you go as it fits snugly in any pocket or can be attached as a keychain.

FMU LED Tactical Flashlight S2000

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If you are looking for a flashlight with a radiance that can be compared to a floodlight or can be used as a focused spotlight but is portable and handy, the FMU LED tactical flashlight is the best choice for that matter.

The FMU LED tactical flashlight is a super bright flashlight that sports 5 light modes with its powerful 2000 Lumen LED. The light modes can be adjusted according to your lighting needs. For instance, you need illumination for the large area; you can switch your flashlight to floodlight adjustments. If you want to focus on a specific spot, you can opt for the spotlight lighting adjustment. So whether you change the light mode to floodlight and spotlight occasionally, there’s nothing to worry with its XML-T6 LED bulb as it is proven to deliver a consistent lighting and optimum standby performance.

When it comes to durability, one of the major causes why flashlights don’t last long is when you accidentally dropped it. An accident happens unexpectedly and these little accidents can be rather inconvenient, especially if you are dealing with real-life situations. With FMU LED tactical flashlight, rest assured that your penlight is super durable as it made from aluminum alloy crust. Even if you dropped the said gadget on a 10 feet floor, the flashlight would remain as functional as the new ones.

CrazyFire LED Headlamp

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The CrazyFire LED headlamp is ahead flashlight that can be zoomed whether you’re hiking, hunting, fishing, running or camping. It has a beam distance of 20+ feet when operated on its brightest setting, which makes it a desirable headlamp to illuminate your surroundings while working on dark places or when running at night.

You can freely adjust the brightness of the headlamp with its 3 modes – high, low and strobe. If you’re into nighttime jogging, hunting, bicycling or reading, the headlamp is the perfect LED light for you as it only weighs 7.3 ounces and employs an adjustable, elastic headband. However, make sure that you also wear headgear when you use this headlamp since the battery cover is not waterproof. And if the kind of activities where you will use this headlamp includes soaking in water, the headlamp is not the best lighting gadget to use.

The CrazyFire LED light is not rechargeable, yet you can illuminate your place with this headlamp using three double-A batteries. Initially, the lamp is positioned in 90 degrees, but you can still adjust the lighting by altering the length of the elastic headband.

GOFORWILD 2 Pack Rechargeable Head Lamp

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The ultrabright and lightweight GOFORWILD rechargeable headlamp is one of a kind in the market.  It has 500 lumens CREE LED headlamp with adjustable lighting modes. The headlamp has a 45″ rotating enclosure and adjustable elastic headband so that you could easily see your surroundings when you use the headlamp for your nighttime activities like jogging, camping, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

This headlamp can be operated through hand gestures, thanks to the motion sensor technology that is installed in the headlamp that aims to prevent accidental eye contact. To use the 2.5 hours brightness of the headlamp, you can recharge the in-built battery using a USB cable, which is also included in the package when you buy this product.

To fully utilize the light modes of the headlamp, you need to press the normal button for white mode, sensor button for the white light and the normal button again if you need the red light strobe. However, if you want to switch the headlamp light modes from white light to red light, all you need to do is to long-press the normal button.

COBIZ LED Headlight

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With COBIZ LED headlight, you don’t need to buy an extra battery as this was made rechargeable. It has four adjustable light modes which specialized in focusing the settings from the lowest, most focused headlamp setting to a wider and splashier high mode. You can also use the emergency strobe light to help you maximize the energy capacity of the headlight.

This versatile headlamp also has a 90 degrees swivel ability which enables you to rotate the device effortlessly to see your surroundings. The headlamp is made from water-resistant materials so you can use the headlamp even under the heavy rain or other extreme weather conditions.

You also don’t have to worry if the headlamp gets soaked in the rain or with your sweat for long hours of wearing. That’s because the headlamp has a leakage resistance and waterproof wiring, which prevents from entering the gadget’s core. So whether it ‘sit’s you or the kids who will use the headlamp, you are rest assured that it is safe to use because it has an adjustable elastic band.

J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlight

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The J5 Tactical V1-PRO flashlight might only have 300 Lumens, but don’t be blinded with the numbers as it is considered as one of the flashlights with ultrabright and long-lasting lighting capability. Whether the object of focus is more than 500 feet away from you or just simply wants to lighten up the place, the flashlight can guarantee a 10 times more radiance than the typical incandescent light bulbs.

The flashlight has three lighting modes powered by either a single  AA battery or by recharging the 14500 rechargeable battery. This flashlight is ideal to use for a nighttime stroll with your pet dog, camping with friends, deer hunting with your colleagues at night or seeing through the house during power shut down or if your area is experiencing a horrible weather condition.

What makes this flashlight simply amazing is that even if you accidentally dropped it as high as 9 feet; the flashlight will still work as if nothing ever happened. Had the headlight submerged in the water or got soaked from your sweat for a long period of hours of wearing it, rest assured that the headlight is still usable as new.

Streamlight Black Microstream Flashlight

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The Streamlight Microsteam Flashlight is a 250-Lumen flashlight with a runtime of 2 hours and 15 minutes. It sports a two-way clip system which is the hat clip and pocket clip so you can use the headlamp in any manner you desire to light up your area. Despite the small number of lumens, it’s a pretty decent flashlight for its nice illumination which is suitable for nighttime activities or when working in dark areas.

Due to its compatibility and lightweight, it is easy to carry the flashlight around. You can adjust the light modes of the flashlight by double-clicking the button quickly to attain the desired light mode. It is extremely durable as it is made from high-grade aluminum alloy case and unbreakable polycarbonate lens, so even if you accidentally dropped it or run over by wheels, it will remain intact and working.

When you use the Streamlight Microsteam Flashlight, do note that when you adjust the light mode to high, the used Lumens s 250 with a beam distance of 68 and will run for 1 and a half hours. If the flashlight is used on its low lighting mode, the lumens used are 50 with a beam distance of 31, which will run for 3 and a half hours.

How to Buy the Best Cheap Flashlight for your Lighting Needs

With the constant update on the technology used in manufacturing the best cheap LED flashlight that can be used on indoor and outdoor activity, finding the right one is a bit daunting from the several features that every flashlight offers. Although other gadgets can be used as a flashlight, many still buy flashlights due to its compactness, high-grade material used and reliable brightness. So if you are looking for a flashlight that you can personally use, there are several factors you have to consider before paying any one of those at the counter. These are:

1 – The type of battery used in the flashlight

Flashlights can be of two categories: rechargeable and non-rechargeable. If you want a practical and budget-friendly flashlight, the one that you should grab is a flashlight that uses a non-rechargeable battery, especially if you’re on the go or will use the flashlight for a short period. It is considered cheaper to use because disposable batteries are way cheaper than that rechargeable battery. Plus, the fact that it can be bought anywhere.

If you’re aiming a flashlight for long term use, you should opt for a flashlight with rechargeable battery whether it’s an external battery or built-in. It is more convenient, cheaper and environment-friendly as you don’t need to throw away the battery once it runs out of power. All you need is to recharge it based on the conditions recommended by the manufacturing company.

2 – The light output of the flashlight and the lumens

You are probably wondering what lumens are and why it is a standard in looking for the best cheap flashlight. The fact of the matter, the number of lumens is the basis of how bright your flashlight can be. Keep in mind that the more lumens a flashlight contains, the brighter the light beam can be. To put it bluntly, the Lumen is the unit that measures the light output of any lighting device.

3 – Durability of the material used in the flashlight

Earlier versions of flashlights are made from plastics, often spray painted with metallic paint to make it look durable. But since flashlights are highly used especially during extreme weather conditions, many flashlight companies innovate the design of their flashlights and improve the materials used from plastics to high-grade aluminum alloys that are waterproof, anti-abrasive, non-corrosive and shock-resistant.

4 – Price of the flashlight

There’s a lot of flashlight in the market that comes in different sizes and appearances. But when you buy a flashlight for your personal use, make sure that you check the labels to see if it is worth buying. Some flashlights cost more due to branding, while other flashlights come with a reasonable price but are made from high-quality materials that are comparable to known brands.


When you buy the best flashlight under 50, it is best to check its feature first whether it fits your needs or not. There might be a lot of flashlights to choose from, but not all can be used the same way you expect it to be. Flashlights come in different Lumens and a variety of lighting modes. Its battery could be rechargeable or non-rechargeable. So the next time you buy a flashlight, consider asking yourself if the flashlight you are looking for is for short term or long term use. This will greatly help you in estimating the cost of the flashlight, especially if you will buy a lot.

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