Top 10 Best Floating Shelves 2020 Reviews & Guide

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A house has so many items and organizing them is a total heck if you do not have the best floating shelves. Shelves, at your rescue, help in organizing things more efficiently and properly. You always cannot go with a basic outdated pattern of shelves. Some revamping or styling is necessary which we term as ‘staying organized fashionably’.

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A compact shelf helps you to organize your things properly without occupying much space. Hidden brackets impart a seamless look, which is perfect for enhancing any room of the house.

Let us see some of the trending floating shelves and organize things fashionably.

1. Dakoda Love floating shelves

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To provide the best, the Dakoda love floating shelves are crafted, with experienced hands to give the perfect finish. The wood used in the manufacture of these shelves is of high-quality and possess supreme strength. The solid construction of wood, will no chance in leaving you awestruck with its strength. The Dakoda Love floating shelves are one of the best floating shelves for apartments. The shelves are stained and wiped with expert hands to assure deep penetration and even coverage while imparting charming finish. The shelves are clear coated and sealed to ensure that the finish lasts longer. An additional protective layer is added for additional durability.

Furthermore, the shelves are easy and sturdy to be installed. The heavy-duty single bar bracket of the shelves can hold up to 100 lbs.

The shelves measuring 36’’ x 5.25’’ x 1.38’’ is given shape, planted, stuck together, routed and installed with utmost care to make sure that the shelves deliver consistency in durability and aesthetics. Every step of the process of manufacture of the shelves is given equal importance so that is no room for flaws.

2. Rustic wooden floating shelf

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The elegant wood shelf made from solid pine gives an authentic look to the room. The wood shelf is available in color black, medium brown, mocha, espresso, and unfinished and is manufactured in Wisconsin. It measures 44 inches wide, 7 inches deep and 3 inches thick. The wood shelf can be mounted easily and you don’t need a professional to do that. You can mount the wood shelf easily on the wall as a decorative item, which helps in keeping things in an organized manner. You get all the things you need for the installation of the shelf in the package- all you need to have are the tools. The matte finish of the floating shelf imparts antique look to the wall. The floating shelf is handcrafted with good quality materials.

The company takes great pride in sharing their success story- how they started their venture on a very small scale in a village. They learned something at every step towards success, and are thus able to deliver high-class shelves with outstanding services. Incorporating a bit of elegance in the daily lives of people is what they have been doing with the premium quality shelves.

3. Fab glass floating shelf

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If you wish to add charm and beauty to your house décor, then you must go for Fab glass floating shelves. Along with being functional, glass shelves add grace to the walls. Besides, Fab glass floating shelves are among the best floating shelves for the bathroom. Being a sensible choice to meet your decoration and storage needs, the rectangular glass shelves come in different sizes- 4.75 inches x 18 inches x 10 inches to 12 inches x 48 inches x 10 inches. The shelves are made from durable and high-quality tempered glass, which are easy to clean. In the shelf kit which accompanies the shelves, on will find chrome brackets which have a premium finish.

The Fab glass shelves possess flat and polished edge and feature practical yet lovely design. While giving an adorable look, the floating shelves bring comfort and proper organization to your space. The clear rectangular glasses interact with the texture and color of the walls and give a feel of colored shelves.

The rectangular shelves are an excellent option to organize your washroom accessories while giving a touch of modernity to your old bathroom. You can store shampoo bottles, towels, detergents, and other items on these beautiful floating shelves.

4. Dakoda Routed Edge Floating Shelves

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While crafting the Dakoda routed floating shelves, the wood was precisely designed to provide a high-quality end product to the customers. Every step involved in the manufacture of these shelves – from 100 percent countersunk brackets to get the appropriate levels of moisture- each step was given utmost importance. Experienced hands build Dakoda floating shelves to ensure quality construction.

The floating shelves have routed edges and clear-coat finish. The finishing process has a refined and smooth appearance, which will help you flaunt your walls. Staining and hand-wiping assure that the shelves got even coverage and deep penetration. Every shelf is clear-coated and sealed to ensure that the finish lasts longer. This also adds an extra protective layer to guard the finish of the shelves. The shelves can be used in any room, which makes them versatile. These premium-quality shelves enhance the look of the room. They can be used in the office, living room, washroom, bedroom, kitchen, and even in the garage. The shelves can be installed with a single heavy-duty bar bracket, which can hold up to 100lbs. The shelves can be installed quickly without any sweat. Hardware and wall anchors are included with the shelves.

5. Wudenhom wooden floating shelves

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The Wudenhom wooden floating set of 3 shelves are made with high-quality MDF wood. The floating shelves are durable and occupy the least space while providing organization to the room. The three shelves weigh about 11 -17 pounds and measure 11.8 by 4.7 by 0.47 inches, 15.7 inches by 4.7 inches by 0.47 inches and 19.7 inches by 4.7 inches by 0.47 inches. Display your favorite items and on the shelves to showcase them most attractively. The floating shelves are a combination of elegance and convenience to declutter your items. The round corner of the shelves adds to the security.

The installation of these floating shelves is very easy. There will be no visible connectors, tracks or screws after installation. The finish of the floating shelves after installation will be very neat adding beauty to the walls of the room. 

6. Wallniture Floating Shelves

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The Wallniture floating shelves with its sleek modern design blends perfectly with the décor of your room. The minimalist photo ledge is made to showcase the best moments of your life. The floating shelves will help you to get rid of the clutter while utilizing your walls in the most efficient manner, which makes it one of the best floating shelves for the living room. Envy your friends by showcasing your vacation pictures most elegantly. 

The Wallniture floating shelves offer endless opportunities to display favorite books of your kid or your favorite cookbooks. Made with high-quality material and expert craftsmanship, the laminate, and MDF wood render a superb high-end design, which will continue to satisfy you for a lifetime. 

The Wallniture floating shelves do not occupy much space but give you the perfect organization, which you want. The ultra-functionality and affordability of the selves allure you to grab it to decorate the house with utmost ease in an organized manner while displaying your favorite collectibles. 

Display Knick-knacks with the chic, and classic display ledge floating shelves and to will never need to worry about misaligned frames. 

7. Melannco square wood floating shelves

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The Melannco square wood floating shelves possess an incredible black finish, which adjusts automatically to the décor of your house. The unique and versatile look of the floating shelves offers you options to either hang them together to create a perfect blend for the room or hang them separately. The Melannco square wood shelves possess a set of 3 square-shaped shelves- 1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small. These shelves measure 9 by 9 inches, 7 by 7 inches and 5 by 5inches respectively. The depth of each shelf is 3.5 inches. 

The wood floating shelves are made from MDF wood, which is light in weight and extremely appealing. The cubes are of premium quality and the fine finish of the cubes will complement the walls of the room. The shelves are amongst the best floating shelves for kitchen. The shelves possess lock-in screw slots which help in mounting the cubes securely on the walls. The detailed instructions provided with the set makes installation of the square shelves a breeze. 

8. WALI TV Accessories Floating Shelves

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The smart design of the elegant floating shelves is the best to enhance the appearance of your entertainment system. It offers a clean look at the cables and helps them you to hide them neatly. The large strengthened tempered glass of each of the floating shelves weigh about 17.6 lbs. The dimensions of the tempered glass are 15 inches by 11 inches by 5 inches. It consists of a slim wall plate, which is 3 inches wide in black color. The wall plate possesses built-in cable management on each of its sides. 

The WALI TV accessories floating shelves, are made from durable material and is the perfect solution for holding DVD or Blu-Ray players, cable or satellite boxes, Hi-Fi, Games Consoles and Surround speakers. 

The floating shelves free-up the floor space and help you to manage your accessories efficiently. The smart design of the shelves lets you adjust their height. The set of 3 floating shelves are accompanied with a mounting hardware kit, a user manual and comes with 10 years warranty. 

9. Closet Maid Floating Shelves

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Maximize your storage space with the Closet maid floating shelves. The cubical consists of all the pieces, which you will require to organize your space. The Cubical has compartments, which consist of different dimensions. Create a fancy look with the closet maid floating shelves. The units can be wall-hanging or freestanding and offer a convenient way of holding DVD’s CD’s office supplies and other small pieces of stuff. The cubical is available in two gorgeous finishes- white and espresso, to help you personalize your space. The assembled dimensions of the cubical measure 16.34 inches in height, 23.98 inches in width and 6 inches in depth. 

The cubical come in two different sizes. The small-sized cubical is a great option to hold your hobbies, media, office supplies, and decorative items. On the other hand, the large-sized cubical help you in organizing other kinds of stuff, which are bigger. Eliminate stress from your life with a clutter-free room by introducing closet maid floating shelves in your room.

10. EWEI’S HomeWares Floating Shelves

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The EWEI’s floating shelves are a set of 3 display shelves which are U-shaped. The HomeWares floating shelves are made with long-lasting MDF wood, which is extremely durable. The floating shelves are available in three colors- walnut, white and espresso. Hand the shelves on the walls to create a display, mini-library or to showcase your favorite collectible. Although the shelves require a minor assembly, their installation is easy and requires just a couple of minutes. The 3 floating shelves which comprise the set are of different sizes- large medium and small. They measure 17 by 4 by 4 inches, 13 by 4 by 3.5 inches and 9 by 4 by 3 inches respectively. 

The floating shelves make a great option for home, dorm, and office. These can be used for decoration as well, making them multi-functional. The premium finish of the shelves coupled with its rich color blends perfectly with the walls to give an eclectic look. 

Buying guide

Floating shelves are a great means to organize your valuables and most prized goods on display while maintaining a refined and clean looking room. Floating shelves come in a wide range of styles and possess numerous special features. 

Let us look at some of the features and aspects to consider before buying a floating shelf. 


The material using which the floating shelves are constructed must be considered primarily. The material of the shelves not only has a major impact on the functionality of the shelves but also impacts the overall look of the shelves. Nowadays, shelves are being made from MDF (medium-density fibreboard). It is a lightweight yet dense material which provides durability to the shelves. 

Moreover, the shelves are laminated to enhance the look of the shelves while giving it a fine finish. The laminate covers make the shelves moisture-resistant, which in turn, increases the life of the shelves. Laminated shelves are an excellent choice to put potted plants or other potential water sources. Also, laminating makes it easy to clean the shelves. 

Furthermore, floating shelves made with real wood are extremely durable. However, they are not suitable for storing items of potential water sources. Real wood can bear more weight than MDF. Also, the shelves made with tempered glass or metal lasts for long and it is easy to clean them. 


The ability of the shelf to hold things or its capacity also plays an important role. Different models possess variable dimensions of storage space and depending on the storage space you require; the choice of the floating shelves must be made. 

Shelves who have greater length help you to store more as compared to the shorter shelves. However, the look of the floating shelves is highly influenced by the length of the floating shelves. Also, depth is the thickness of the shelf panel. Shelves who possess thicker panels can hold heavier items. 


It is very easy and convenient to install the floating shelves. Look for an installation guide or instruction manual while making the purchase. 


Style of the floating shelves depends on your requirement and taste. For example, if you wish for a rustic and minimal look, go for shelves who have polished textures. Dark-colored shelves with a fine finish will add a classy look to your walls. Furthermore, go for a laminated shelf if you are fond of plants. 

The weight which the floating shelves can hold

An ideal floating shelf can support a maximum of 20 to 30 kilograms of weight. However, the weight, which the floating shelf can hold is a function of the material using which it is constructed. In addition, it depends on the supporting brackets, which are used in the installation of the shelves, integrity, and structure of walls, and many more. 


The hardware used for installing the floating shelves plays an important role in determining the weight, which the shelves can hold. Also, additional hardware is required if you want to mount the shelves to the drywall. 


The floating shelves help us to keep our essentials in an organized manner. They also act a fancy medium through which we can showcase our collectibles and memories. The shelves are multifunctional and can be used in any room to organize your stuff. These floating shelves blend perfectly with the wall of your room and impart a gorgeous look. They add glamor to the walls and a touch of modernity to the room.

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