Diy Rope-wrapped Planters

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We’ve had our new puppy for about a month now, and although she’s the cutest thing ever, she also loves to get into my plants. For that reason, I decided to repot my largest house plant into a taller planter (and added a plant stand). Hopefully, this will keep her from digging and leaving a rather large pile of dirt on our living room floor. Here’s how I made my DIY rope planter in just a few simple steps.

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What you need: Plastic planter, rope, Scissors, hot glue gun + extra glue sticks.


Step 1: Find a starting place along the top rim of your planter and glue the end of the rope.

Step 2: Wrap and glue the rope around the entire rim. Continue wrapping rope around remainder of planter. Be sure to close all gaps between rope by pressing firmly on glue.

Step 3: As you approaching the bottom of the planter, continue to wrap rope around the bottom edges. It will begin to spiral towards the center.


Step 4: Finish off by trimming the rope and glueing it directly in the middle. Be sure to close any gaps. You are ready to plant!


Posted by Sarah
June 11, 2014

Sarah is a twenty-something living in the suburbs of Atlanta with her husband Jon and their new puppy, Rye. She works in marketing for a software company by day, and a blogger my night. In July of 2011, Sarah created Blooms and Bows, which has now evolved into Everyday with Sarah, as a way to document and share the things she loves. Everyday with Sarah is her outlet to share inspiration in interior design, fashion, DIY, and lifestyle. Please follow along and stay inspired!

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