3-step Diy Animal Planter

I’ve made a few of these gold animal planters and I finally got around to documenting the process. It’s pretty simple, with only 3 steps. I’ve painted mine gold, but I think a clean white would also look great. Here’s how I did it:

What you need: A toy animal (I found mine in the Target dollar section), Paint sprayer, a drill, two drill bits (depending on your desired hole size), and an air plant.

*Note: Rust-olem’s Gold Metallic is the best gold spray paint I’ve found (and I’ve tried plenty!) – it is super shiny and goes on quick and smooth.

Step 1: With your smaller drill bit, drill a hole where you want the center to be on your animal – most likely, the top center. Next, use your bigger drill bit and drill on top of your existing hole. Be sure to hold the animal tight and drill slowly. It’s okay if your whole isn’t perfect, the paint and plant will disguise it.

Step 2: Spray paint your animal and allow to dry. Depending on your color choice, you may need more than one coat.

Step 3: Place your air plant inside. Enjoy!

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