Ways to design a narrow bedroom become spacious and comfortable

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According to research, sleeping time accounts for 1/3 of the time of each human being. Deep sleep will bring health, lucidity and mental comfort. However, many external factors affect the quality of our sleep in which bedroom space is the most basic influencing factor. Specifically, if you are in a crowded, cramped bedroom, you will surely not have a good sleeper. On the contrary, if you are in a great or comfort space, you will feel energetic to start the day after waking up.

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Therefore, how to make cramped bedroom space more spacious and comfortable? I won’t leave you curious for much longer. Let’s find out now.

Choose from bright colors

If you only own a small bedroom, you should use white paint or light colors for the room. Or If you do not want boredom, use bright white colors for the main parts such as the interior, walls, and ceilings. For other small items in the room, you can choose other colors.

Besides, a large window to let the light into the room also helps to deceive the view, creating a feeling of a larger room and still extremely lively.

Put the bed in a neat position

put the bed in a neat position
put the bed in a neat position

Most beds are placed in the middle of a room or attractive places. However, with a tiny bedroom, it’s not a good layout idea. The bed will be filled with gaze and feel suffocated by the lack of space. Instead, tidy the bed in a corner to make room for other items or make your entrance more spacious.

Choose a simple bed type

Choose a simple bed type
Choose a simple bed type

The framed beds look gorgeous, but that’s when it’s in a fitness room. If you put that type of bed in a small room, the results are completely different. It only makes things worse and causes the room more cramped.

In this situation, a simple bed of style and elegance in color will not only save area but also create a breathing point for eyes that do not have too many jagged details is an optimal choice. Thanks to that, the bedroom is more delicate and sophisticated.

Large mirror pattern in the room

Large mirror pattern in the room
Large mirror pattern in the room

Placing mirrors in the bedroom will create a two-dimensional space. It feels like the room is wider and more depth. This is the idea used quite a lot today.

A large mirror installed at right angles to the window (not directly onto the bed) will help enhance the light shining into the room, enhance ventilation and especially, create a sense of wider than real space.

Get the most of the free space under the bed

To limit the types of shelves, let the “exposed” thing that takes up space. So, why don’t you think about putting things under the bed? You can choose the area under the bed to make cabinets. This idea is extremely optimized to help your bedroom become more capacious.

Currently, the bed is designed quite modern and many functions. You can completely buy a bed with drawers below. Or you can ask a mason to build cabinets under your bed.

Form vertical space

In small bedroom space, the spread-out layout will make the room smaller, more narrow and messier.

In that condition, if you want to make full use of the area to ensure the functions such as the workplace, the storage place, the resting place, … The design of your small bedroom vertically is the most suitable idea. Besides, you can apply the versatile furniture, built-in closets, bookshelf shelves at the bottom of the bed and above the desk.

Add floating shelves

Best floating shelves are an ornament that is widely used in today’s homes. Besides helping you store objects and save space, it is also extremely modern with many styles and color sizes to help your room space become more luxurious and unique.

Specifically, adding floating wall shelves in the bedroom will support you to have a delightful and spacious layout. The long shelves attached to the head of the bed or the wall will increase the space, which can turn into a souvenir display shelf, a bookshelf. Or the place where the family’s photos are distributed.

The note when designing the bedroom

Feng shui of the bedroom

Not only in the living room to pay attention to feng shui, but the bedroom you also need to take care of some issues related to feng shui, as follows:

In the bedroom should not put small bonsai pots, aquariums or pictures of lakes and rivers because the bedroom is negative, the pictures and objects will stir the quiet space of the bedroom.

Bed position: Avoid placing the bed under the rafters because it will create insecurity for people sleeping. Moreover, do not set on the wall with doors and do not pair two beds into one, you should buy a whole large bed. Lastly, do not move the bed when the wife is pregnant.

Want to design a beautiful small bedroom with feng shui, do not place the mirror opposite the bed regardless of the direction.


The color will directly affect the room atmosphere and the mood of the owner, so it is necessary to consider the appropriate color.

Hot colors will create the room brighter and the cold tones will make the room quieter and more luxurious. Depending on your preference, you can choose the color you see best suits. Besides, the choice of color also depends on many factors such as the color of the furniture, the room decoration; suitable for the size of the room or not.f the bedroom is small, you shouldn’t choose colors that are too bright. Because it will cause an uncomfortable feeling.

Equip some necessary items

These essential items mean what you can use when a hazard or unexpected event occurs. For example, you should equip a fire extinguisher in case you accidentally burn something. A first aid kit is also an indispensable item in the bedroom. Because you can be accidentally injured at any time. In particular, I think every family needs to have the led flashlight to use in case of a power outage or going out at night.

In conclusion

I have covered some information that I believe you should refer to in making your cramped bedroom more spacious and airy. If you have other better design ideas,  you can leave a comment in this article to let us know.  Finally, thanks for taking the time to read this article.

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October 11, 2019

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